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Polaris arched insert stove 4.8kw

Polaris arched insert stove 4.8kw

Product Description

The Polaris Inset Polished Eco is a sturdy cast-iron inset stove sporting a large glass window to allow for the maximum view. A convection chamber allows cold air to enter below the stove and pass up through the chamber whilst warming up and then re-enters the room through vents above the stove door creating an increased efficiency.

If you are looking for a traditional cast iron arched insert fire or want to get your old Victorian/Edwardian era fire going but not keen on the current open fire appliance requirements- this stove can be the answer with its modern clean efficient eco design it  can in some cases be incorporated into many original arched castiron inserts where a traditional solid fuel back once stood . This stove is of the eco design and under 5kw .
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Polaris arched insert stove 4.8kw