Frequently Asked Questions

Can I polish/restore my fireplace in situ?
A. No, the blasting process we use to remove the old paint will produce a lot of fine dust, some of it lead based, so it would be unsafe to do this in your home. The polishing process can only be safely done in our restoration workshop.

What can be done with the fireplace in situ?
A.Renovation work in situ is normally restricted to fitting replacement front bars, or grids (for the coals to sit on), repair of the fire-brick at the back of the fireplace, and minor re-polishing, but not grit blasting of the fireplace itself.

How long will it take to restore my fireplace?
A.We would generally restore a fireplace within a week unless we were really busy, so please do contact us to check if you have any concerns.

Do you remove fireplaces?
A. Normally we don’t do it but please contact us for availability. We also have a list of experienced fireplace fitters who we work closely with who will do this work. Please contact us for further details.

Do I need to get my chimney swept?
A. Yes if you want to use the fireplace. It is a good check of the condition of your flue, the sweep will issue a report.we also work with many sweeps so please contact us to find a local sweep.

Can you supply front bars, hoods, and grids?
A. Yes we can. We can also get bars cast, say if you are missing one of a pair. Please check our shop page or email us for more details.

Can you collect and deliver our fireplace if we get it removed?
A. Yes,there may occur a collection/delivery charge depending on distance but Please contact us to for delivery and collection details.

How do I look after my polished fireplace?
A. Keep it lightly oiled with WD40 or a light oil. Do not clean it with cleaning products e.g. bleach, this is an oxidising agent and will spoil the fireplace. We also supply a cast-iron fireplaces cleaning kit – go to our shop or order via email.

Do you want to buy my old cast-iron fireplace?
A. Please send us images and dimensions and we will get back to you.

Should I use a throated lintel with my fireplace?
A. Yes you should, it states in building regulations that you have to install one, the correct way is with a load bearing lintel above them.

How will I pay?
A. Although we accept cheques and cash payments, the preferred method is BACS. Payment for your purchase has to be cleared prior to the delivery/collection.